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Discover the premier PCB manufacturing services at PCBA Manufacturer, your trusted partner in Shenzhen, China. Specializing in quick-turn PCB prototyping, multilayer PCBs, high Tg, and halogen-free options, we cater to your specific needs with high-quality standards. Our offerings extend to heavy copper, HDI, metalcore, and ceramic PCBs, which are tailored for various applications, including high-frequency and rigid-flex PCBs. Leverage our advanced technology, quick turnaround times, and exceptional customer support for all your PCB requirements. Please explore our site to request a quote and learn more about how our cost-effective solutions can assist your projects.

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We are a professional manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, offering quick-turn PCB prototyping, PCB assembly, and medium-volume production solutions. We also provide component sourcing services.

A multilayer PCB is a circuit board with more than two conductive layers of material. Unlike a double-sided PCB, which only has two layers, a multilayer PCB must have at least three layers of conductive material buried in the center of the board.

High Tg PCBs are printed circuit boards with a high glass transition temperature. This means that the PCB substrate material transitions from a hard, glassy state to a soft, rubbery state at a higher temperature than standard PCBs.

The popularity of halogen-free PCBs is increasing due to the demand for environmentally friendly electronic products. These PCBs are made of materials that are free of halogen. The dielectric constant, dissipation factor, and moisture diffusivity of halogen-free materials differ from those used in traditional printed circuit boards. If your product needs to be environmentally friendly, Halogen-free PCBs are the ideal choice.

Heavy Copper PCBs have 4 or more ounces of copper on each layer and are commonly used in commercial products. The copper concentration can be as high as 200 ounces per square foot. They are widely used in electronics and electrical circuitry where high-power transmission is needed due to their impeccable thermal strength. High temperatures can devastate sensitive electronic components and negatively impact circuit performance. Therefore, the thermal range is vital in many applications, particularly in electronics.

HDI PCB stands for high-density interconnect printed circuit board. It is a circuit board with a high circuit density that uses micro-blind and buried via technology. HDI PCBs are designed for small-capacity users due to their higher cost than standard PCBs. They contain both blind and buried holes and have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards. We are capable of manufacturing HDI PCBs up to 36 layers.

The Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), also known as a thermal PCB, is a type of PCB that uses a metal material for heat dissipation, as opposed to the traditional FR4. MCPCBs are composed of a conductive layer, a thermal insulation layer, and a metal substrate layer. Specific electronic components generate heat during circuit board operation. The purpose of metal is to transfer this heat from critical board components to less essential areas, such as metal heat sinks or metal cores.

Ceramic PCBs are circuit boards made of thermal conductive organic ceramic material. They have a thermal conductivity of 9-20W/m.k and are prepared below 250°C using thermally conductive ceramic powder and organic adhesive. Different ceramic PCBs are based on the material used, including alumina PCB, aluminum nitride ceramic PCB, copper-clad ceramic PCB, and zirconia ceramic base PCB.

A high-frequency PCB is a printed circuit board with a frequency above 1 GHz. These PCBs have strict requirements for physical properties, precision, and technical parameters. They are commonly used in radar systems, military equipment, aerospace applications, and other fields. Designing high-frequency PCBs requires consideration of several parameters to meet specific signal requirements, including dielectric constant (Dk), dissipation factor (Df), coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and thermal conductivity.

Intel developed the Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold (ENEPIG) process as an early surface treatment method. This process involves adding a palladium plating layer between nickel plating and pure gold plating. The palladium layer separates the nickel plating from the gold plating layer, preventing nickel migration to the surface gold layer. Additionally, this process reduces the thickness of the gold plating layer to less than 0.1um.

Rigid-flex PCBs are printed circuit boards that have both rigid and flexible areas. They are ideal for a wide range of applications. A typical rigid-flex PCB circuit includes two or more conductive layers with either flexible or rigid insulation material between each one. The outer layers may have exposed pads or covers. Conductors are found on rigid layers, while plated through-holes are found in rigid and flexible ones.

Flexible printed circuit boards, also known as Flex PCBs or Flexible PCBs, are named for their ability to allow circuitry to be designed to fit the electronic device or product rather than building the device to conform to the circuit board. They have a patterned printed circuitry and component arrangement, highlighted by a malleable base material.

Why Choose Our PCB Manufacturing Services

Advanced Technology and Facilities

Our manufacturing processes use state-of-the-art equipment and technology, ensuring high precision and quality in every PCB produced. Our facilities are equipped to handle a wide range of PCB specifications, from simple single-layer boards to complex multi-layer designs.

High-Quality Standards

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through rigorous testing and quality control measures throughout manufacturing. We comply with international standards such as ISO and IPC, ensuring our PCBs meet the highest industry specifications.

Customization and Flexibility

We offer extensive customization options to meet unique customer requirements. Whether you need specific board materials, thicknesses, or finishes, our services are tailored to match your specific needs and applications, ensuring optimal performance of your electronic devices.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of time in product development cycles. That’s why we offer fast turnaround times without compromising on quality. Whether it’s a prototype or bulk production, our efficient processes ensure timely delivery.

Competitive Pricing

Our PCB manufacturing services are priced competitively, offering great value without sacrificing quality. We optimize our production costs and pass these savings on to our customers, making it cost-effective for small and large volume orders.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our team is committed to providing exceptional support throughout the manufacturing process. From initial consultation to after-sales service, we are here to assist with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience for all our clients.

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