PCBA Quality Control

Assembly Quality Control

We prioritize our customers and continuously strive to improve product quality, shorten development cycles, and ensure timely delivery. Our company has obtained system certifications, including IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and CQC.

We implement TQM, SPC, FMEA, and QCC management methods to achieve 6SIGMA management and comprehensively improve our quality control system. We utilize quality management technologies such as FMEA, SPC, and CPK. Additionally, we have a professional laboratory for EMC, EMA, and other reliability tests.

PCBA Quality Control

Delivering the right quality at the right time and the right price

To achieve this, we constantly develop and improve our processes and services to meet customers’ current requirements and expectations. We take our responsibility as the customer’s manufacturing partner seriously.

We use world-class quality assurance tools and manufacturing methods to ensure we live up to our watchwords ‘right from the start.’ We can gauge our progress and improvements by analyzing customer feedback and satisfaction with our work.

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