Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing

We provide a comprehensive component sourcing service to enhance our assembly service. Our strong relationships with authorized and reputable distributors, such as Digi-key Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Farnell element14, Arrow Electronics, and Avnet, allow us to offer original and high-quality components. Additionally, we work with reliable local electronic suppliers. We prefer a local supplier because they have a large stock of components available locally, saving us time. If the components are unavailable locally, we will purchase them from international distributors. In such cases, obtaining the components may take 5-7 business days. However, customs clearance may take up to 7-10 business days if customs clearance takes longer.

Components Sourcing

4 Flexible Options

1. We supply all the components purchased from authorized and reliable distributors.

  • Attention: No substitutes will be used without getting your approval.

2. We purchase all components from the distributors you recommend.

3. Kitted or Consigned: You supply all the components to us.

4. Combo: You supply some components, and we supply the rest.

Mass production lead time

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Lead Time (Wroking   days,ex-factory
ALLTo be determined based on case

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