DIP Assembly

DIP Assembly

We offer DIP assembly services for various through-hole components, including DIP IC series, DO series, and TO series power devices. Our facilities and equipment are designed for lead-free RoHS processes. Our well-trained personnel focus on maintaining a logical process flow and following strict SOPs, ensuring the quality of our DIP production through stringent quality inspections.

DIP Assembly

Automated DIP Assembly

HonLynn uses automated through-hole equipment to assemble products at the highest quality level possible and cost-effectively. The layout of the auto-insertion area is designed to minimize material handling and labor. Kingsheng’s equipment is well maintained by using a scheduled preventative maintenance program.  

Manual DIP Assembly

We can handle complex DIP Assembly challenges. Our manual lines are designed to minimize product travel and operator movement. Documentation and in-process checks ensure an accurate and complete population of the assembly. Our DIP Assembly capability enables us to be a cost-effective and flexible contract manufacturing facility.

Automatic Inserting

AI (Automatic inserting) machine is designed to insert eyelet pins, gripper pins, round pins, lugs, and odd-shaped components into PCBs using insertion programs made by the machine itself.

Mass production lead time

lead   time
Lead Time (Wroking   days,ex-factory
100k  and upTo be determined based on case

The above lead time is based on:

1. Conventional Material

2. All engineering consultations are confirmed.

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