PCBA Burn-in Testing Services

PCBA Burn-in Testing Services

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are crucial components in electronic devices. They must perform well, or OEMs and users may suffer losses. To avoid this risk, PCBs undergo testing at every stage of assembly. Burn-in testing is a type of analysis that checks the functionality of PCBs under load. This technique identifies faults and rectifies them before shipping the PCB.

PCBA Burn-in Testing Services

Types of burn-in-testing

Most printed circuit boards are subjected to the following types of tests.

Dynamic Testing: The burn-in board is exposed to high temperatures in dynamic testing, and input signals are applied to all components. This offers a comprehensive view of components and helps detect the exact point where printed circuit board failure may occur. Dynamic testing is expensive but is used to test complex PCB designs for aerospace, military and defense, and other industries.

Static Testing: Static testing is printed circuit board testing that applies high voltage and temperature, eliminating the input signals. In this type of testing, the chamber’s temperature is increased, and the board is managed at a specific voltage. This type of testing is usually employed to test the board’s resilience when stored at high temperatures for a long time. Static testing is low-cost, simple, and often performed on boards to operate in ambient environments.

Mass production lead time

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Lead Time (Wroking   days,ex-factory
100k  and upTo be determined based on case

The above lead time is based on:

1. Conventional Material

2. All engineering consultations are confirmed.

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