Standard PCB Assembly

Standard PCB Assembly

Our customizable circuit assembly services include prototype, low-to-mid-volume, and high-volume PCB assembly. We offer both RoHS-compliant and non-RoHS assembly and conformal coating to meet your specific needs. Additionally, we have established relationships with authorized component distributors such as Digikey and Mouser, ensuring quality components at competitive prices for all our clients.

Standard Assembly

PCBs We Can Assemble a “Prototype Circuit Board”

  • Min size: PCB whose width/length is less than 30mm should be panelized
  • Max size: single board 500mm*400mm | panel board 310mm*410mm
  • Layer Count: 1-40 layers (1-20 layers for mass production)
  • Copper Thickness: 1oz – 15oz
  • PCB Types: Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid-Flex PCBs, MCPCBs, Rogers PCBs, Ceramic PCBs, etc.
  • Surface Finishes: Lead/Lead-free HASL, ENIG, ImSilver, OSP, Gold plated.

Components We Can Assemble

  • SMT sizes: 01005, 0201, or larger
  • Fine pitch: 0.4mm or greater
  • BGA pitch: 0.35mm or greater
  • BGA Ball count: 2 – 50
  • WLCSP pitch: 0.35mm or greater
  • BGA, micro-BGA, POP, CSP, LGA package, Flip chip, Hard metric connectors, Cable & wire, etc.
  • Components Height: 0.1mm – 12mm.
  • Min. Components Spacing: 0.20mm for SMT parts; no specific demand for Thru-hole parts.

SMT Component Presentation

  • Bulk
  • Cut Tape
  • Tube
  • Tray
  • Partial Reel and Full Reel

Custom PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • Quick Turn
  • Prototype Quantities to Production Quantities
  • IPC III standard-compliant
  • Single PCB Assembly and PCB Panel Assembly
  • Single and Double-sided PCB Assembly
  • SMT Assembly, Thru-hole Assembly, and Combo of SMT and Thru-hole Assembly.
  • Leaded Assembly, Lead-free or RoHS Compliant Assembly, and No-clean Process Assembly.
  • Consigned PCB Assembly, Partial consigned PCB Assembly, and Full turnkey PCB Assembly.

Mass production lead time

lead   time
Lead Time (Wroking   days,ex-factory
100K  and upTo be determined based on case

The above lead time is based on:

1. Conventional Material

2. All engineering consultations are confirmed.

Prove Your Design With Our Rapid PCBA Prototyping

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